Water Cooling

For those really obsessed about noise, there is one way to get rid of multiple fans at once in your PC, water-cooling. An idea taken from car engine cooling, water-cooling in the PC has become relatively easy to do in the past year.

While it was once only something an extreme over clocker would use, there are a lot of great companies out there making easy to use kits to add water-cooling capabilities to your PC. Since water-cooling doesn't utilize any fans (except for a low-speed fan on the radiator), it can knock out many loud fans from your system (primarily CPU and graphics card), and still provide great performance.

Koolance - Easy Water Cooling

Water cooling is dangerous, that's a given. Having all that water near your precious electrical components takes guts, and it takes a lot of preparation and skill to make a fully functional water cooling system that can stand the test of time. For those of us who just want the low noise and performance of water cooling without all the work, you might want to look at a great company called Koolance.


Relatively new to the world, Koolance seems to share my beliefs on what constitutes a great computer case. Very little work, great cooling power, and zero noise. These guys build some fantastic pre-built water cooled cases, which are very easy to work with.

I originally picked up one of the original Koolance cases, but found it didn't provide the cooling power that was needed for 1.4 GHz Athlon systems. The company has recently released a second version meant for "performance" users, which is supposed to cool much better. A very interesting concept, and may be worth your time if you're interested in ultra-low noise PC's.

The Final Word

Well, that's it. Hopefully now you've got a good idea of what it takes to assemble a silent PC of your very own. Sure, it takes some time and a little effort, but when you get to the end product of having a totally quiet PC, you'll find the end result is well worth it. Silence is golden!