Using VOIP Instead Of Cell Phone

VOIP offers so many benefits, primary of which is tremendous savings in the monthly phone bills. But the question that many ask is will people end up using VOIP instead of cell phones? While nobody can deny that cell phones are indeed extremely useful as is proved by the near total market penetration of the cell phone industry, yet VOIP mobiles can indeed cut telephone costs immensely. Many people get portability with their VOIP service as they may fix their adaptor in anyplace that has a broadband access and make calls. But as the service is dependant on the reliability and the quality of the internet connection, it is rather a drawback. Many wonder if there is a viable market for wi-fi VOIP phones. Indeed there will be many who would welcome this on account of the obvious reason, saving nearly 50% on the monthly phone bill.

Many cell phone companies have addressed the situation by producing dual-mode phones that can be used as regular cell phones which can seamlessly convert into a Wi-Fi VOIP phone too. Wi-Fi VOIP is enabled within wireless networks that are activated by what is known as a "hotspot". A hotspot is an area where you find an access point to establish the connection to the network. Mobile users can pick up signals from hotspot to hotspot as they travel within the various network access points. Some firms have gone ahead and produced completely VOIP mobile phones. This must be welcome news to customers as mobile phone call minutes will definitely become more pocket friendly with mobile VOIP services.

This is because they use free radio spectrum and internet instead of investing in large expensive towers, thus they cost less. The reason why many wireless carriers are afraid to venture into wi-fi VOIP is that their landline service will suffer. VOIP mobile phones are relatively inexpensive to use as other products of VOIP technology. It is technically cheaper to submit audio as data packets over the Internet with less bandwidth. The compression technology is improving so the voice quality is becoming better with less noises or intrusions.

About 200 US cities have made it clear that they will introduce many wi-fi Hotspots free of charge. There are some concerns that wi-fi may replace broadband and traditional phone line services. Well, when that day comes, the customers will benefit getting not only extremely affordable rates but quality service too, that is why they may opt for using VOIP instead of cell phones.

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Using VOIP Instead Of Cell Phone - VOIP offers so many benefits, primary of which is tremendous savings in the monthly phone bills.

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