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Thus, you bought new Macintosh, and now you can wonder how to make it surer. There are several things which you can make who will protect your Mac against viruses and of the intruders. The impers are already very difficult to notch, but do not leave that the fact enable you to become lenient with your safety. 1. To download all actualizations of software available.

This seems like a silly thing, but some users of Mac forget to download the newest updates. You can even place your computer to download new updates automatically. However, some commutated users meet the trouble while testing downloaded updates. If you are a commutated user, the best suggestion is to leave your Mac above during the night and let it download.

Apple releases many programs which correct bugs in applications of iLife, and in OS X. Mac. Most important of these updates are probably the updates of safety. Apple periodically offers updates of safety for its operating softwares (panther and tiger). 2. To pay attention what you download.

Remote loadings of use P2P of some for Macintosh (C. - -D. poisoned). To pay attention when remote loading using a P2P because you do not know from where the music or the file comes. Some users of P2P specifically make the files deteriorated to send via the programs of music downloading.

Generally, it is an good idea to stick to the iTunes, because these files are CRNA protected and offered by Apple thus they certainly will not have viruses. 3. To choose the best and the surest navigator of Internet.

The safari comes standard on all new the impers as an element from the iLife. However, some do not appreciate the safari as much as others. Some indicate that the safari is not as sure of the intruders as other navigators. The safari can also be a problem if you go in a Web page which requires of a version of Internet Explorer or Netscape to look at it. You can download Internet Explorer and Netscape for Mac, but still, some believe that these navigators are not as a safe of the intruders.

Many people believe that Mozilla Firefox (my personal favorite) is the surest navigator to employ because of its devices personnalisables. Firefox is available to download on Macintosh. 4. Not to be afraid to buy the software of antivirus. If you must download files of the Internet as an element of a work or pastime, then it is probably an good idea to have a certain kind of software of antivirus on your Macintosh.

Apple provides a broad-variety of software of antivirus which is constantly updated. 5. In conclusion, to keep an eye on these attachments of email and messages instantaneous. Some intruders programmed viruses IM with you of names of screen of your friends des'.

Not to click any bond without knowing above what it is first. The majority of virus of use of suppliers of email sweep automatically, but should always pay extra attention to you by downloading an attachment. If he is somebody you do not know it, made not confidence. The Apple computers Are very sure of the intruders, but they can always be improved. Conservation of a safe of computer, and operation well requires large a number of hours and energy.

To remember just that if your computer is sure, your Apple tests will be much more rewarding.


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