Protecting Yourself Online with Free Web Proxy Servers

Protecting Yourself Online with Free Web Proxy Servers In recent times, privacy online has become a big issue, making free web proxy servers a viable alternative for many web surfers. Basically, a proxy server conceals your specific Internet address to protect your anonymity online. Protecting privacy online is a very real concern.

For example, many people resent the idea that the government can have access to an individual's online history-- often without needing a warrant. Likewise, many companies, organizations and schools routinely monitor the online history of their computer users. And unfortunately, there are also spammers and online criminals who seek to gain personal information about web surfers for identity theft or other illegal acts. How does a free web proxy server work? The word "proxy" means "to go between." This is actually the simplest way of understanding what a proxy server does.

Proxy servers act as a filter between your computer and the Internet. The most popular use of this technology is to provide anonymous web surfing from any location in the world. When using a web proxy server, you are technically not connecting to the Internet; instead, you are connecting to a remote computer or server which is connected to the Internet. Therefore, you are able to surf the Internet "by proxy.

" When surfing the net on a free web proxy server, your Internet browser history will reveal only that you have connected to the proxy site, not the actual web sites you have visited. Using a proxy server will also eliminate the problem of web sites depositing so-called "cookies" on your computer. A "cookie" is a tiny information file that is left behind when you visit a particular web site online.

It can contain information about the exact time of your visit, the length of time you were on the site, information about your location, IP address, operating system and other identifying characteristics. "Cookies" can even contain log on and password information, making them a potential security risk if they should fall into the wrong hands. But using a free web proxy server completely eliminates "cookies" on your computer. Instead, the sites you visit will attempt to deposit "cookies" on the actual proxy server -- not on your computer.

For all of these reasons and more, it can be smart to use a web proxy service to surf the web, and there are many online to choose from. A simple Google or Yahoo search will reveal thousands of free web proxy servers; however, it is important to be aware that the most popular of these free services tend to run very slowly, making for a frustrating web surfing experience. But if the free web proxy servers are too slow for your taste, there are also paid services that will provide much faster anonymous online browsing.

There are many of these available, and most require either a monthly or weekly subscription fee. If protecting your identity and privacy online is a primary concern, paid proxy services can provide peace of mind for a very reasonable cost. The Internet is a great resource, but unfortunately, it also has its share of disreputable webmasters and spammers. Using free web proxy servers is a great way to keep your private information from falling into the wrong hands.

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