Notebook Features And Capabilities

Computers have now become best friends of man. This magical technologically advanced device provides us with those facilities which otherwise would have been possible only in our dreams. Computers come in two forms: desktop and laptop/notebook. The second type is a more stylish, handy, and slick form of the first type. It is also known as notebook computer or simply notebook. It is considered as a small mobile computer.

Its weight is somewhat around 1-6 kilograms (2-18 pounds), which varies with size materials and other factors. They are also available in different beautiful colors. Apart from being stylish and slick it is also portable as it is much smaller in size than a desktop. Unlike desktops a notebook more often than not operates on a single main battery and with the help of an external AC/DC adapter, which assists in charging up the battery along with sourcing power to the laptop computer itself.

Both a desktop and a laptop perform the same tasks as personal computers. They possess all the components of a desktop in a miniature format (the components are-modem, CD-ROM drive, speakers, etc) and are optimized for mobile use. They have efficient power consumption facilities.

Initially laptops were priced higher than desktops but now they are almost equally priced. Most of the Notebook computers have liquid crystal display and make use of different memory modules intended for their RAM (Random Access Memory). Contrasting desktops laptops exploit a built-in keypad, touch-pad or a pointing stick although external keyboard and a mouse can also be put together. Before this polished and stylized portable computers were introduced, the world`s first commercially on hand portable computer known as Osborne 1, came out in the year 1981, which made use of CP/M operating system. Unlike today`s laptop it was a bit heavy with a small monitor. Nonetheless, debatably the first true notebook was known to be GriD Compass premeditated by Bill Moggridge in the year 1979-1980, which was launched in the year 1982.

It had plasma display and bubble memory. In the year 1983 Compaq introduced their first Compaq portable and eventually with the improvement in technology others came forward with their produce, which provided us with our familiar notebooks in their present form. Nevertheless laptops have certain disadvantages also: Laptops are more complex than desktops and other electronics as some parts may cause some difficulties in their replacement or repair function.

Compatibility is another issue here. In many cases it has been seen that most of the internal parts produced by notebook producers are not interchangeable with other manufacturers and it is so because the manufacturers want the customer to buy the same manufacturers component for their laptops. Upgradeability of laptops is very much limited both in terms of technical and economic reasons.

Also, it has also been found through studies that laptops can be harmful and injurious to health. It is said that it can raise the temperature of the scrotum, possibly putting sperm count at jeopardy. However Notebooks have advantages also: notebooks are versatile and convenient; they have more clear and high-tech digital monitor display; they are stylish and trendy; notebook computers are easy to keep, as they don`t take much space because unlike the desktops many of its components are built-in. Following are some of the most notable brands and manufacturer of a notebook: Acer- Aspire, Apple-MacBook, Compaq- Presario, Lenovo- IBM, ThinkPad, Panasonic- Tougkbook, Sony-VAIO, Toshiba-Dynabook, Hewlett-Packeard- HP Pavillion, LG, Hyundai, HCL, BenQ, Falcon Northwest and many others.

Following are some of the categories or subtypes of notebook computers: UMPCS (Ultra-Mobile PC`S), Ultraportables, Thin-and-lights, Mainstream, Desktop replacement Computers Transportable, Tablets (shaped like slates). With so many varieties of notebooks available in the market the user is surely spoilt or choice!.

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