Make your computer operating effectively Quickly clean your registry

Your windows operating system is dependent on the windows registry as it is the central data base of the system and stores dynamic and static information about your system , with use the registry gradually expands due to changes and entries you make as you browse the internet , change the settings , uninstall or install any program .These changes remain in the registry even after they have done their work or have been removed these then tend to get the registry fragmented , bloated ,and corrupted To restore your systems smooth functionality you need to keep cleaning your registry periodically, to do this you will have to follow the step by step instructions given below One should note that your windows operating system cant function without a registry , care should be taken to ensure that you back-up you current system as registry cleaning involves deleting and editing entries ,and you would not want to encounter problems after a registry repair .In order to back-up your registry go to Run and type in Regedit ,when the registry windows opens ,click on export registry then type a name and save your registry in the save dialog box .

If any crucial files are deleted in the clean up process you can restore you system back to its original state using back-up facility Although this is not recommended those who are expects in this field can manually clean up their system using the Regedit function. Registry cleaning software programs as registry easy , RegCure , Error Nuker , Reg Sweep, Reg clean and registry repair PRO can easily be downloaded from the internet always conduct a free trail and become familiar with what you are buying as some of these programs are costly and you do not want make a mistake when buying one Once the program has been down loaded onto your system, double click the program icon to install it on to your system, pay careful attention to the instructions in the installation box, and follow them until installation is complete. You can now clean up your registry , firstly the software will scan your system errors , invalid entries and all other obsolete information .There are two types of scans a selective and a full scan ,of the two the full scan is more advisable.

All that is left is for you is to run the program and clean up your registry by selecting all the error the software comes up with and deleting them automatically . This can also be done manually After the software has cleaned up your system, all you need to do is to restart your system to begin with a repaired and perfectly functioning registry.

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