How to Transfer Media Files to Your Ipod Video

Please remember that it is illegal to copy a film or movie onto your device if in fact you do not own the original DVD disk. Every country has different copyright laws so please check to see what you can and cannot do. The first step is to download a DVD movie/film convertor for your iPod, there are many of these currently available on the market and a quick google search will quickly point you in the right direction. For the puropses of this tutorial Im going to use Lenogo convertor. Step one Download the movie convertor onto your PC and follow the instructions to install the software. Step two Place a DVD into your DVD drive on your computer and launch the application.

Step three Click the open button and a dialog box will appear, simply click OK if you wish to convert the DVD movie/film into an iPod file and continue to the next step. Step four You will now be presented with information on your DVD file and most likely a table of contents of the DVD movie to be converted. A simple click on the plus sign will expand the tree and you may (depending on the software you use) have to change the DVD title. To do this use the edit box to input your desired title, this will also be your filename for your iPod file. Again to choose a subtitle simply select the corresponding title item, (most likely the longest chapter) and repeat the steps for selecting a main title. Audio selection is just a case referring to the operation of title and subtitle selection.

Step five Next we have to save the file and the usual selection is save as this will store your movie file onto your hard disk, to change the filename or directory location just select browse. Step six Lets convert. Hit the convert button to star converting your DVD to an iPod file onto your computer.

Most applications also let you see a preview on the right hand side of the pane. Step seven After a few minutes (depending on file size and the speed of your PC) your conversion will be complete. The folder where you stored your file will automatically open and if you wish convert another movie simply select the edit option in the menu and go to step three. Step eight To import your file to your iPod you need to launch iTunes and select File and Add file to library.

Locate your MP4 file on your hard drive, load it on your iPod and now you can enjoy your movie on the go with your video iPod.

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