How PC Enclosures Prevent Computers from Exploding

With the integration of computers on the factory floor, more and more food manufacturers are not aware of the dangers they are putting their staff in. All food manufacturers have Health and Safety policies in place, to safe guard their work force, however how many are actually follow these policies? The major manufacturers are aware of the risks, but are the smaller manufacturers - Probably not! An independent survey was carried out and the results were very concerning - it proved that out of 100 small food manufacturers only 17 were aware of the risks from food stuff and their computers. Out of the 17 only 5 actually did something to rectify this, by protected the computer ? therefore protecting their staff! All it needs is a spark from a computer, monitor or printer and BANG! The main cause for not protecting the computers and other I.

T. hardware is down to cost; many businesses look at the cost of Industrial Computers and decide it's just too expensive. Computers are the fragile link in the technology network of any successful business; computers were designed for being used in office environments not in the extremes of a warehouse, factory floor or even worse, in cold stores! However, the most cost effective solution is a PC enclosure; this is a specialised steel box that accommodates the computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse. Protecting the business's valuable I.

T. investment, from any dust particles in the surrounding area. The enclosure provides a safe environment for the computer equipment, providing a positive air pressure within the enclosure.

These enclosures will also protect from un-authorised access as well as providing a cost effective solution to an Industrial PC. The enclosures are available in different metal finishes including stainless steel for food applications and mild steel for general industrial application. Some special enclosures can be cooled to -60 and heated to +110, providing a solution for any hostile environment.

Another advantage of the computer enclosure is that as and when I.T. equipment is upgraded, the enclosure will probably accommodate it, without any additional costs. PC enclosures are the most cost effective solution for protecting standard computers on factory floors or warehouses.

Graham is the owner of Computer Security & Solutions who specialise in manufacturing protective PC and printer enclosures, having supplied many leading Global manufacturers. You can find more information at


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