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Baseball Training ? Technology Enhances Equipment Baseball training has made tremendous strides in recent years due to the technological advances of baseball softball training equipment. As an adjunct to coaching and mentoring, softball baseball training equipment can produce amazing results for hitters and pitchers through repetition and feedback. The Batters Edge? and the VLM Pitchtracker are the most advanced hitting and pitching products available on the market today. Baseball Training ? Repetition Keys Performance Muscle memory and skills training are the two major ingredients in successful performance outcomes. We perform functions daily that have been engrained through repetition.

For example, piano players utilize skills training and muscle memory acquired through repetitive actions in order to achieve high performance levels. In much the same way, baseball hitting drills and softball hitting drills can effect superb results based on muscle memory and skills training. Baseball Training ? Good Practice Habits Buoy Outcome As youngsters we are taught by our parents and coaches the basic techniques of baseball training. Parents often engage in hitting drills in baseball with their youngsters, or they may participate in softball hitting drills. In softball/baseball training, repetition keys muscle memory, which is the memory used by the muscle sets involved in a particular activity. In the same way that we adopt a particular penmanship through muscle memory, hitters can develop good technique through repetitive skills training.

Baseball Training ? Technology Advances Muscle Memory Through technological advancement, players of all ages can develop the muscle memory and skills training necessary to excel. Historically, Mom may have been able to provide some softball batting training for her daughter, while Dad worked on softball stride training at the plate. Mentors, however, can assist just so much. Today, there are baseball training equipment supports that will facilitate softball/baseball training. A-Game Technology has recently developed two baseball training supports that are revolutionizing the way the game is taught.

Baseball Training ? The Batter's Edge? The Batter's Edge? is a revolutionary baseball training product designed to reinforce the proper balance and hip rotation needed to perfect the swing. The Batter's Edge? is a platform that embraces the body's muscle memory to enable hitters to maintain a balanced swing. Through repetitions, the balanced swing becomes second nature to hitters and, as a result of the augmentation of their muscle memory; the adjustment to live pitching in a game is seamless. The Batter's Edge? is a baseball training device that is suitable for players age 8 years and up. The product is ideal for use in dirt, grass, or artificial surfaces. It can be used in hitting drills in softball and baseball off a tee, from a pitching machine, or in soft toss.

Baseball Training ? VLM Pitchtracker A-Game Technology has brought the art and science of pitching into the 21st Century with the VLM Pitchtracker. Now, pitchers are able to refine their skills through the marriage of modern technology with the development of muscle memory and proper skills training. Through this cutting edge development designed to enhance pitcher training, pitchers can perfect their release points in order to achieve incredible results. This device tracks the movement, velocity and location of a pitch and it presents the results for coaches, parents, mentors and players for review in a user-friendly visual format. Pitchers are able to perfect their mechanics and see immediate and remarkable improvements in their ability to throw a pitch where it's meant to go. Coaches can use the VLM Pitchtracker to analyze multiple pitching factors and to chart progress over a period of time.

Both the Batter's Edge and the VLM Pitchtracker are available at , and further information on both these amazing baseball training aids can be obtained at the website.

For more information regarding baseball training, Technology enhance Equipment, VLM Pitchtracker and BATTER'S EDGE please visit:


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