Nvidia Certifies Enermax Power Supplies for SLI

Enermax is very proud to announce our SLI certified status with Nvidia. In a rigorous process designed to weed out the SLI unfit, Nvidia enforces a strict standard which very few pass. Enermax's NoiseTaker 701 has definitely made the grade. Not only SLI certified, the NoiseTaker 701 is multiple platform enabled making it an "all in one" PSU. See our NoiseTaker in depth by clicking here.

NVIDIA SLI certification ensures a quality user experience by putting each component through a rigorous series of tests including diagnostics, bench marking, burn in, and card interoperability." - this includes testing the threshold of our power supplies in maximu load during a SLI burn in. Given the high gaming demands of today's gamer, Enermax continues to bring a breath of confidence in your gaming endeavor. When it comes to power, you can have no better partner than Enermax.

About SLI:

NVIDIA® SLITM (Scalable Link Interface) technology is a revolutionary approach to scalability and increased performance. NVIDIA SLI takes advantage of the increased bandwidth of the PCI ExpressTM bus architecture, and features hardware and software innovations within NVIDIA GPUs (graphics processing units) and NVIDIA MCPs (media and communications processors). Together the NVIDIA SLI patent-pending technologies work seamlessly to deliver heart-pounding PC performance. And depending on the application, NVIDIA SLI can deliver as much as 2x the performance of a single GPU configuration for unparalleled gaming experiences.

An NVIDIA SLI system includes a PCI Express motherboard that supports two physical connectors that are capable of having two NVIDIA-based PCI Express graphics cards plugged into them. Joined by the NVIDIA SLI connector, the two graphics cards power one monitor, delivering earth-shattering PC performance

The Smart Fan technology was developed by the folks at Enermax to protect your investment. After your system shutdown, the two ball earing fans continue to run for another 2 mins to cool off your power supply and components . It also has a heat sensor that will allow the fans to run for more then 2 mins if the temp is greater then 40c after the 2 min. This will greatly increase the life your power supply and components.

- dual +12V Rails

Independent 12V rails supply to MB/CPU and drives in order to provide stable and clean current to noise-sensitive devices, such as: CPU, add-on cards .Meet UL 240VA safety requirements. It also separate the motherboard rails and video card rails to ensure maximum power to your PCI Express video card.

- high efficiency (80%)

High efficiency is achieve by using using high quality components and the skills of our designer to maximizes your power supply output and minimize wasted power. Efficiency is the measure of how much of the 100% power going in to the PSU is being used up and the unused power dissipate into heat through the heatsink. Lower efficiency means that more power is being wasted and also the PSU will generate more heat. .

- ring core technology

Effectively prevents electro-magnetic pulse leaking from switching power supply to appliances that are being attached to the same power source, i.e. AC wall plug..

- protection

Enermax has one of the highest protection standard on the market today, due to our advance design we offer the following type of protections:

OCP -Over Current Protection, UCP -Under Current Protection, OVP - Over Voltage Protection, OLP -Over Load Protection, OTP - Over Temperature Protection, SCP - Short Circuits Protection